COVID-19 Statement

Official Statement from SEA Board

Dear colleagues, partners and friends

The Board of SEA met on Tuesday (17th  March) to discuss the current Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic and agree the measures we will put in place as an organisation and service in response. Our priorities in these circumstances are to:

  1. Do everything we can to protect the health and well-being of our staff, volunteers, colleagues and the people who use our services.
  2. Communicate and cooperate with our partners and do the best we can to honour our commitments to you.
  3. Contribute to a sensible and proportionate local and national response to the current situation.

In order to achieve these priorities we made the following decisions:

  • We will follow national and local guidance relating to Covid-19
  • All staff will work from home until further notice
  • All visits to services, ‘face to face’ one to one and group meetings/sessions will be suspended for the time being
  • We will seek to operate advocacy services remotely by telephone and on-line as far as possible
  • Similarly, we will work with our partners to explore opportunities to offer participation and training support remotely/online
  • We will work as flexibly, creatively and responsibly as possible to continue to meet the needs of the people who rely on our support including our volunteers
  • We will put contingency plans in place to manage situations where staff are unable to work due to illness
  • We will take the opportunity to catch-up on a backlog of administrative, procedural and developmental tasks involving all staff and our volunteers as far as possible
  • Managers will keep staff, volunteers and partners informed of developments
  • Managers will provide weekly updates to the Board on the effectiveness of these measures and  the need for any change to them
  • The Board will review these measures monthly (as a minimum).

The above will come into effect as of yesterday (Wednesday 18th March) and we believe they are likely to remain in place for the next three months at least. During this time we are determined to remain ‘open’ as a service and continue to deliver our mission as far as possible.  We will remain positive, forward-thinking and optimistic.  We will work with our ‘community’ of staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, partners and stakeholders to support each other and to come through this together.

Please contact James or Serena or me personally if you would like to clarify or discuss any aspect of this statement.

Many thanks.

Paul Pearson
Interim Chair

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